Pretty Please Feature Arrives For The Google Assistant

Pretty Please Feature Arrives For The Google Assistant

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A feature that was declared back at I/O 2018, the Pretty Please, is now being rolled out for Google Assistant. The feature is developed to offer positive support to users, particularly children, to use courteous behavior while corresponding with machines. It allows the voice assistant to prize the usage of “thank you” and “please” with charming replies.

The feature is launched on the Google Assistant and is facilitated for all voice-matched users on the Smart Displays and Smart Speakers. One can experience its company by seeking a question such as, “Hey Google, kindly set a timer for 5 Min.” The Assistant will reply with a note such as, “Thanks for soliciting so nicely. Alright, 5 Minutes. Beginning now.”

The vital objective with the Pretty Please feature is not merely to emphasize polite behavior toward the Google Assistant devices but is also to motivate individuals to have courtesy in their everyday life. This is particularly significant in the case of children who are not making use of polite words such as “thank you” and “please” while conversing with their elders, family, and friends.

On a similar note, the Google Assistant has also been upgraded with the capability to make lists and notes making use of your voice. One merely requires to utter something such as, “Include Sunday party to my to-do list” or “Create a gift list.” Also, one can take a glance at what was logged earlier in their lists or notes by asserting, “What’s on my to-do list?” or “Show me my last note.” At present, the feature functions with an inbuilt to-do list and notes version, although third-party backing from Google Keep, Bring!, Todoist, and is on its way.

Also, Google Home devices are obtaining an upgrade with a Broadcast Replies feature that assists one to broadcast their message on all the Google Assistant-based devices.

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