Burger King Planning To Take On McDonalds With This New Idea

Burger King Planning To Take On McDonalds With This New Idea

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Burger King is planning to attract more and more users and it wants them to download the app of the company. For the same purpose, the company has actually come up with a new and pretty unique idea, and therefore it is sending the people to McDonald’s in order to get access to the whopper which is available for just one cent.

The company’s plan is to let users go within a nearly 600-feet radius of McDonald’s, and they will be able to unlock the deal with the use of the app of Burger King, which is for a penny whopper. After this is done, the app of the company offers some directions to a nearby Burger King which is participating, from where the users can pick the burger up.

The deal was announced by the company on this Tuesday. The customers however can only access this once per user, and the deal will run through December 12. The company is actually not the first one that has come up with such a unique concept to persuade people to download the company’s app. McDonald’s also used a similar strategy recently, when it ran a fries promotion of $1, through the company’s app.

The companies are keen on exploring these digital platforms as they help those to learn more and more about the personalized promotions and the tastes of the customers. Although it was observed in some studies that the fast food eaters are actually not loyal to one particular brand over another.

In case of Burger King, the company is focusing on winning back the customers and therefore such strategies are being used by the same. The company also announced that it is actually planning to upgrade the stores of the company and these will include some digital menu cards from now onwards.

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