Installation Of Battery By Tesla Helped SA Save $40 Mn In First Year

Installation Of Battery By Tesla Helped SA Save $40 Mn In First Year

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The battery system developed by Tesla is highly efficient which has helped the Australians to save many million dollars. The battery project developed by Tesla is collecting global recognition & forces the companies to think twice about the structure of their traditional energy generating plants. The project of Tesla consists of 100 Mega Watts/ 129 Mega Watt-Hour powerpack which proved to offer some dividends and save at least some ten million dollar of South Australia, according to the report. During the last year, Musk has promised to develop a largest 100 Mega Watt-Hour battery especially for the government of South Australia.

This was going to be a very beneficial plan for Australian people. As this region was suffering from continuous blackouts, Tesla has promised to light up the region using their battery within hundred days. Tesla promised that it will overcome the problems of power outages, manage summer peak loads, and reduce intermittencies to support reliability of electrical infrastructure of South Australia by providing power for 30000 homes which are equal to number of the homes who lost power in the last year’s blackout period. The battery system owner has recently stated in a report that the Lithium-ion batteries have saved about $40 Mn in the first twelve months of its operations. Also, Tesla offers the energy services like that of the other plants, but in a very quicker way and without creating any emissions.

The battery system has made this possible by saving about $1 Mn on the first day of operation. The whole project cost the company just $66 Mn, which will be recovered in less than two years of operation. This project by Tesla clearly makes South Australia a leader in renewable energy as well as highest battery storage capacity in the world.

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