Russia Watchdog Fines Google For Not Conforming To Search Results Law

Russia Watchdog Fines Google For Not Conforming To Search Results Law

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Russia has penalized Google for not banning sites from popping up in search results that were listed to be extremist. Critics have blamed Russian authorities of making use of such bans to quiet rivals. The communications watchdog of Russia declared that Google had been penalized $7,530 (RUB 500,000) for failing to chunk blacklisted pages under a regulation that came into implementation in September.

Alexander Zharov, the Watchdog Chief, stated Google had responded that “they deem they are studying Russian law,” as reported by the Interfax news agency. Zharov claimed that “filtering is not conducted” by Google, whereas Russia-based search engines—such as Sputnik,, and Yandex—have obeyed. The penalty was the least possible within the regulation.

Russia has placed mounting pressure on famous apps and websites in what opposition figures observe as an effort to quiet the main medium for organizing protests and political debate. In the 2012 summer, Russia made a blacklist of websites displaying drug use or child pornography and reckoned to be “extremist”—a word unclear enough to comprise opposition activism.

The apparent intent of the step was to protect kids from destructive content online. The regulation was pushed through regardless of resistance from main internet firms. The communications regulator does not issue the listing of barred websites in full although a URL of the site can be accessed to observe if it is included.

Likewise, Facebook, Google, and other tech firms are seeking Vietnam to crumb a condition that they hoard data in-country merely days prior to an extensive cybersecurity law comes into effect, as Hanoi unites a global crackdown on the US internet giants’ power. The firms, talking through the Asia Internet Alliance, their regional lobby group, stated the localization requisite would strangle investment, damage economic growth, and harm Vietnamese & foreign firms with an online presence.

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