The Biometric Technology Can Speed Its Future Rentals, Says Hertz

The Biometric Technology Can Speed Its Future Rentals, Says Hertz

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Recently, Hertz has declared that it is planning on using the facial recognition plus fingerprint verification technology so as to give the rental process at airports some wheels. Even though the firm is a rental car dealing one it has struck a deal with an airport security group named Clear in order to supply its technology for the passenger and airport benefits.

Both the companies have already started rolling out this new contribution, named Hertz Fast Lane powered by Clear at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Here is the catch, this technology will be made available only to associates of Hertz’s Gold Plus Rewards program, and they will also have to sign up with Clear independently. One plus point is that Hertz would not charge additionally for the fast lane; however, renters will silently have to pay for Clear if they would like to use the provision for faster admission at airport security.

By 2019, Hertz and Clear decide on spreading its wings of biometric fast lane to 40 plus locations including San Francisco International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, and New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. According to Hertz, the Clear biometric checkouts will permit renters to depart with their cars in just less than 30 Seconds which can save 75% of their time. This means that there will a too much time-saving options if the technology is to take off anywhere soon. If the correct mathematics is done then the current process will take only 2 Minutes.

On a global basis, the biometric security is doing the rounds in every airport.  The Transportation Security Administration has already affirmed the steps to be taken in October after the rolling out of the biometric security actions for domestic flights and also the alterations required on an earlier project for universal flights that was fast-tracked in 2017 by the Trump administration. The airlines such as Delta and British Airways had previously tried using the biometric tech so as to speed up the boarding and bag drops processes. Hertz had earlier partnered with SkyTeam airline so as to help the SkyTeam passengers to drive car rental profits and also let the frequent flyer earn miles when renting with Hertz.

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