Updated Office 365 Version Supports MacOS Dark Mode Feature And More

Updated Office 365 Version Supports MacOS Dark Mode Feature And More

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On Tuesday, Microsoft has rolled out an update comprising some new features for its Office 365 suite over the Mac. This updated version is fully compatible with the latest released macOS, Mojave. The update allows the use of Dark Mode feature of Mojave in Office 365 Suite, converting the explorer background dark instead of bright white color.

Microsoft articulates that Dark Mode feature support is currently available in Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, and Word. Obviously, macOS Mojave is essential for supporting Dark Mode in the different apps of Microsoft that depends upon the system appearance settings of the device

The update released recently is a welcome update, which allows users to take complete benefit of macOS Dark Mode feature while using the different applications of the Office Suite without light distraction.

Along with the Dark Mode feature incorporation, the recent update also supports the use of Continuity Camera feature provided by Apple. This feature allows users to capture a photo through iPhone camera and easily introduce it to the PowerPoint presentation. Microsoft has also incorporated proofreading tools for PowerPoint to help with grammar and spell correction.

Outlook update is observed with comparatively fewer modifications includes the addition of a feature which allows users to share their calendar and view as well as analyze the activities across different time zones.

Last week, Microsoft officials revealed that the company would terminate support for its Azure Container Service from January 31, 2020. Microsoft’s Azure Kubermetes Service—introduced in the Year 2017—which replaces ACS.

However, the success of Kubermetes prompted Microsoft to add Kubermetes services (AKS). After introducing AKS, officials said that they would continue supporting ACS, which was introduced in the Year 2015, but in March 2018, the officials revealed about future depreciation of ACS. After January 31, 2020, all the API’s based on ACS will be blocked and the users would not be able to update clusters or create new clusters

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