Uber Eats To Test A System That Will Deliver Meals At Cheaper Rates

Uber Eats To Test A System That Will Deliver Meals At Cheaper Rates

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Uber Eats is the online food delivery service that delivers foods to the hungry customers at their workplaces or home. Just like the ride hailing service of Uber, the request as well as payment transactions are done using a smartphone application. To get a competitive advantage and increase the efficiency, the company has started looking for new ways to encourage the customers living in specific region to order food from same restaurant which can help the driver to deliver more number of meals order in a single journey. This service is under test by Uber in India initially, according to the TechCrunch.

This has been named as UberEats Pool, just similar to that of Uber Pool, which is a part of Uber ride hailing service that combines riders together to travel at cheaper fares. Everyone thinks that this app uses different algorithms & machine learning for serving the customers with right choices at right places & at right time. But, here is how Uber Eats works. The company charges minimum fee for placing the restaurant to priority on app’s home screen. This featured restaurant keeps its important position for limited period, for just few minutes when it reaches the limits of orders. The restaurant cannot make the customers waiting for longer duration.

Hence, restaurants can expect heavy rush as their business is featured on app. Such featured restaurants are available in a specific area of city only, by providing driver an adequate time to deliver meals on promised time. Also, huge discounts are offered to customers in order to attract them. A countdown is shown on the app which shows the exact time for validity of a best deal, a mechanism which can persuade customer to hit order button quickly without thinking anything. The use of this system in the US has not been announced yet, but if it goes well, it will land in rest of the markets sooner.

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