Kroger All Set To Deliver With The Help Of Driverless Cars

Kroger All Set To Deliver With The Help Of Driverless Cars


Kroger All Set To Deliver With The Help Of Driverless CarsKroger, which is undoubtedly one of the largest chains in the country, when it comes to grocery, has taken a decision to enter the driverless delivery market. The company stepped into the market on this Tuesday, and it will be now delivering the eggs, milk, and other items to the customer homes in those vehicles which will be having no human at the wheel. Although initially, the items would be delivered within just a mile of one of the supermarkets in Arizona, which is owned by the company, in some time to come, the rest will also be taken care of.

This step that is taken by the company is indeed the representation of the latest step that is required by the industries, especially at a time when they are trying to lower the delivery costs of the items that are required daily, and also for the ones that are planning to launch the self-driving cars on the roads. The company is teaming up with Nuro, which plays the role of development of the vehicles, in order to successfully implement the plan. The people who were delivered the food items with the driverless vehicles were quite surprised to see nobody in the vehicle.

But the launch of this has also shed some light on the numerous challenges that come with the same, which are ahead of the companies, as far as the driverless cars are concerned. One of the challenges that came to the notice of people during one of the media demonstrations is the inability of the car to get into a truck with the help of a ramp, as human intervention was needed to do the same. In another event, the car didn’t drive according to the plan because of a dead battery. The companies need to seriously look at these challenges before going further ahead.

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