California Introduces Its First Sanction For An Independent Ride Service

California Introduces Its First Sanction For An Independent Ride Service

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California Introduces Its First Sanction For An Independent Ride ServiceWhich firm did you believe will be most probable to provide an independent ride service in California? A behemoth such as Uber or Waymo? The Public Utilities Commission of the state has disclosed that Zoox (self-driving car startup) will be the first to offer service to users. It is joining a pilot initiative where it will provide free rides with a driver behind the wheels as a backup. It is not sure when the program will begin, even though Zoox has already claims about plans to roll out paid service by the end of 2020.

Zoox has already been performing internal experiments, but has not talked much about its plans.

The firm probably will not be unaccompanied for long. Waymo has also applied for approvals to transport users on California streets, and just lately got acceptance for completely driverless trials (although without users). And when there are 62 firms who have self-driving license of some type in the state, the chances are that others will follow the same.

On a related note, senators have been discussing for more than a year to sanction a bill that might create the path for a regulatory structure that will govern autonomous vehicles. As the year-end approaches, lawmakers are rolling out one last effort to pass comprehensive bill.

The AV START Act is supported by the John Thune (Senate Commerce Committee Chairman), but has not moved onto the floor after Democrats such as Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Diane Feinstein expressed concerns about the legislation. The opposing lawmakers mentioned concerns over privacy, safety standards, and whether users must be forced into private adjudication over legal criticism. Many of those issues have since been dealt with, as per an updated summary document and bill text obtained by the media. If passed, the bill might loosen up most of the federal laws pertaining to self-driving cars.

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