2 Biggest C Band Members Need 4 Satellites Each

2 Biggest C Band Members Need 4 Satellites Each


2 Biggest C Band Members Need 4 Satellites EachIn order to provide the continuous telecom services two members of the largest C-band alliance will require four completely news satellites. For this, the Federal Communications Commission will need to accept the plan of C-band.

So far, the alliance of C band had refrained from quantifying how losing 200 MHz spectrum would affect its members. It now stated that the increased satellites were needed to offer continued services to near about hundred million homes.

An email was sent on December 19 by the head of C-Band Alliance to FCC to deliver the news that SES and Intelsat will require new satellites for recovering the capacity whose rendering is inoperable on the current satellites.


With the help of the new satellites, the SES and Intelsat will efficiently operate videos and other services by using 300 MHZ instead of 500 MHZ. The letter which was sent by Padden to Ajit Pai, the chairman of FCC and other 12 officials of the agency, stated that the new satellites would pave the 5G way for C band while protecting the interest of its existing customers.

SES and Intelsat are the biggest C band members as each has satellites close to 50 geostationary. So the small members like Eutelsat with 37 satellites while Telesat17 satellites will recoup their lost capacity from Intelsat and SES.

The FCC has still not sealed the decision on the proposal that they would select. The spectrum auction between C-Band Alliance plans and the others are still under consideration. In order to get the deal for C-Band Alliance plan, SES and Intelsat are offering the proposal that they would source their satellites from the American manufacturers.

All the organizations and companies who are participating in the discussion of FCC are still debating the issue. Google even suggested switching to Ku band and Ka band frequencies, but has met with disagreement from the industry.

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