Gatwick Airport Reopens after Disruptions caused by Drones

Gatwick Airport Reopens after Disruptions caused by Drones


Gatwick Airport Reopens after Disruptions caused by DronesThousands were stranded at the Gatwick Airport in U.K for about 24 hours. The runway is scheduled to be reopened again on Friday and a limited number of flights may resume flights again.

A spokesperson from the government has condemned the drone disruption stating that they were “irresponsible acts that were unacceptable”.

Mysterious drones were sighted flying near the Gatwick Airport at around 9 pm in Sussex on Wednesday. The drones have left the planes grounded for almost a day.

Near the runway, two drones were seen flying and flights were stopped immediately on Wednesday. Once again, a few hours later, a drone was sighted. On Thursday, another drone was seen nearby and the airport had to remain close continuously for around 24 hours.

Law enforcement has called the military for help. It is a deliberate act and not a terrorist act says the law enforcement. The flights are deliberately disrupted say the airport authorities.

Passengers have been diverted owing to the delay to other airports, while many flights remained grounded. It is said that disruptions may continue again on Friday.

Passengers have been advised to check their status to make sure that there are no cancellations and delays. About 700 aircraft will continue their scheduled flights on Friday.

With an increase in the number of drones, there have been a number of accidents occurring, say regulators from the UK Airport Board. But this is the first time that a major airport has remained closed for almost a day.

Gatwick is one of the busiest airports, next to Heathrow and many passengers have been affected by the closure. Parents with little children were most affected by the delay in flights. Many of them have taken the matter to Twitter and shared their version of the story.

Security experts say that such incidents will keep increasing and the government should not be complacent towards these drones.

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