China Steps On The Roadmap Of Satellite Internet Services

China Steps On The Roadmap Of Satellite Internet Services


China Steps On The Roadmap Of Satellite Internet ServicesIn an attempt to provide a reliable internet service for the consumers, China has planned to provide the internet service using the satellites which can be accessed easily in the remote areas as well. Stepping on the roadmap of providing the satellite internet service, it has fired those satellite into the lower orbit of the Earth. Many reports suggest that currently, somewhere around 3.8Bn people all around the world are not connected to internet. Out of this total population, majority are the women and the people residing into the rural and poor areas.

A satellite named ‘Hongyun 1’ was fired off from the Jiuquan launching center on the December 22. The satellite Hongyun 1 is amongst total 156 satellites that are being built by China’s very own CASIC. The satellite was carried into the space by another space agency of China called CASTC. CASIC has been working on the launch of the whole Hongyun family for quite long and it has planned to launch them into the space by the end of the year 2022. Hongyun satellites fleet as a whole will form a uniform constellation into the space which will drastically improve the internet connectivity across China, especially in the uncovered remote areas.

The satellite internet connectivity plan which aims at serving the world with a better and a reliable connectivity of internet was announced in the year 2016. If the project becomes successful, it will be of significant help to all the developing nations all over the world. Most of those satellites will be placed 600 miles from the surface. This height is significantly less than the normal height at which the other satellites are placed. Hou Xiufeng, a spokesperson from CASIC said that the aim of the mission is to shift the internet from the grounds into the skies.

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