Christmas Seems To Bring A Fear Among FDA Employees

Christmas Seems To Bring A Fear Among FDA Employees

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Christmas Seems To Bring A Fear Among FDA EmployeesDuring the last weekend, the fractional blackout of government was started as the employees weren’t doing their jobs for a long weekend due to Christmas, which will influence various activities of the Food and Drug Administration. The agency will continue the partial shutdown by dismissing around 40% of its employees from the beginning of the next year.

Nearly 60%, more than 10,000 FDA staff members will carry out their ongoing duties, which were reported to work during the weekend shutdown. The figures are released by the agency.

According to an analysis done by an advocacy group representing patients, consumer advocates, and business associations, the majority of available FDA employees were doing tasks funded by user fees paid by medical device and pharmaceutical companies.

According to FDA’s plan, many activities will be affected by the agency’s partial shutdown motive. However, some of the activities that are strongly associated to public health and safety, screening and inspection of different types of food imports, and other domestic as well as criminal investigations to prevent public health hazard will remain to continue amid the shutdown.

The activities which are not linked to critical health issues will be set to a halt, which includes regular observance of different medical devices; animal foods and drugs will be kept on hold; and regulatory observance and other tasks related to nutrition and cosmetics will also be paused during the shutdown.

The analysis revealed that the overall aspect of the drug review process will be affected by the shutdown as 30% of that process is sponsored by appropriations.

Steven Grossman—deputy executive director of the advocacy group—said that there would not be much impact of the agency shutdown for the initial period, as if there were any issues which would hamper the public health and safety, the agency will hire employees to prevent the effect.

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