Chrome OS To Trial Early GPU Support For Linux Apps Shortly

Chrome OS To Trial Early GPU Support For Linux Apps Shortly


Chrome OS To Trial Early GPU Support For Linux Apps ShortlyIf you have kept up with Chrome OS in the last 6 Months, you will know that one of the more appealing new functions to roll out is support for Linux apps. While this has capability to launch all kinds of new apps to Chrome OS, there are some functions not present in this early stage that hold it back. One of the most expected functions, GPU support (graphics acceleration), required for operating Linux apps and games, will be accessible to test shortly on Chrome OS.

The Linux apps support (Crostini) by Chrome OS can be employed to operate some light games on your favorite Chromebook. On the other hand, without support for GPU, they are running exclusively employing the main chipset, which makes many games entirely inaccessible or slower.

Obviously, games are not the only programs that employ the GPU. Android Studio is one major app that Google has been working hard for Chrome OS. While Android Studio itself can operate on Chrome OS now with the help of Crostini, the Android Emulator, employed for testing your Android application on a simulated machine, makes heavy employment of the GPU.

On a related note, Chrome operating system has had Android applications for a while, and as such has Android Nougat operating as a subsystem inside Chrome OS. And now, when Nougat is 2 years old at this point, the firm is restoring it will be Android 9.0 Pie instead of Android 8.0 Oreo.

Android Pie has a lot of expanded features and enhancements within its layers for Chromebooks to enjoy. And while the media update for Chromebooks to have Pie has a lot to disclose about just what the Chrome OS team will be taking benefit of, there are a few modification that are quite obvious in the new edition.

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