ESA's Moon Village Is Not On Moon

ESA’s Moon Village Is Not On Moon


ESA's Moon Village Is Not On MoonWhen it comes to lunar exploration, it is important to remember that the Moon Village isn’t actually going to be located on the Moon. Jan Woerner of the ESA said at a news conference in October that he isn’t looking to build a cinema, a church or some houses. He added that Moon Village isn’t about colonizing the Moon or people leaving Earth to go live there. It is rather a multipartner, open idea. The concept of the Moon Village isn’t an ESA project. It is being loosely organized by Moon Village Association, a non-profit organization set up in 2017. The president of Moon Village Association and a former employee of the European Space Agency, Giuseppe Reibaldi, said that a permanent platform was needed to turn the Moon Village dream into a reality which ultimately led to the formation of his organization. In November, the second annual meeting of the organization was held in LA, where attendees discussed about technologies and concepts related to lunar exploration. Important figures including Jim Green of NASA and Scott Pace of National Space Council attended the event, as did Big companies including Lockheed Martin and Airbus and others like Team Indus, PTScientists, Moon Express and iSpace. Everyone talked about civil rights of future inhabitants of the Moon, technical challenges related to lunar explorations and lunar tourism markets. No references were however made to the Moon Village or endorsements.

Notably, no Chinese officials attended the event, which might act as a motivating force, said Prof. Greg Autry. Other commercial or geopolitical competitions could also drive the mission. A draft document was released that contained 4 principles and 7 goals for the Moon Village mission. It stated that success of the mission will mark a milestone for World Peace and Humankind. The participants of the event in general seemed energized about possibilities and prospects of further commercial and government lunar missions.

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