NASA Scientist Articulates Earth Might Have Been Visited By Aliens

NASA Scientist Articulates Earth Might Have Been Visited By Aliens

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NASA was intended to find hints of extraterrestrial life in the world. While the space agency is yet to discover any ultimate evidence that outer space life exists, one NASA researcher believes we might have already been looked by them on the Earth.

In the latest research paper, Silvano P. Colombano—Computer Scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Center and also a Professor—speculates that intelligent life might not be what humans are used to and might not essentially utilize the carbon, a building block for the lives on the Earth. Colombano stated, “I only want to show the fact that the intellect we may discover and that may opt to locate us (if it has not by now) may not at all be created by carbon-based organisms like us.” Colombano further added that the typical life-durations on Earth would be no more a restriction (even though these could be coping with multiple generational operations or suspended energy). In the paper, he noted that the size of the “traveler” might be that of an exceedingly small super-intelligent entity and suggests that outer space life might have found out technology that humans could not understand yet, such as interstellar tour possible.

Recently, the NASA was in news after one of its spacecraft arrived at an ancient asteroid, which is its first visitor. After almost chasing for 2 Years, a NASA spacecraft reached at the ancient asteroid Bennu, its first guest in billions of years. The robotic explorer, Osiris-Rex, was dragged within 19 Kilometers of the space rock. In the few days, it will move even closer and reach into orbit around Bennu. No spacecraft has yet orbited for such a tiny cosmic body. It is the first time for the U.S. to gather asteroid sampling to revisit to Earth, where, so far Japan has accomplished this.

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