Oppo To Boast Its First Foldable Handset At The MWC 2019

Oppo To Boast Its First Foldable Handset At The MWC 2019

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After Samsung touted its foldable Galaxy F handset, it is now Oppo to declare its goals in this sector. As per a media report, the Chinese handset manufacturer has committed that it will boast its foldable handset at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona, Spain, in 2019. The verification has come from none other than Chuck Wang, product manager at Oppo.

Wang has not mentioned any specific features about this forthcoming foldable handset. He did cite that Oppo aims to roll out a 5G handset in 2020 and is also aiming at launching its first handset in 2020 with a display cutout. Going by design feat of Oppo with the Find X, we would not be shocked if Oppo does indeed fulfill these commitments. It is one firm that does aim on the looks of its handsets. Foldable handsets can be a design fashion next year as we have already witnessed a number of brands showing interest in following this design trend.

On a related note, a report in South Korea from the Yonhap News Agency earlier recommended a release date, name, and cost for the foldable handset that Samsung teased at its developer conference. The handset is likely to be properly launched in March 2019, a little later than the roll out of next flagship Galaxy S handset by Samsung.

Unlike the humongous Galaxy S, the supposed Galaxy F will be an elite handset that might command a price tag as costly as $1770. Yonhap’s report recommends that the firm has not settled on the final cost yet, although we are aware from DJ Koh (Samsung chief) that the firm aims to ship a million foldable handsets next year. Mentioning industry sources, Yonhap News states that the firm aims to include 5G support to its upcoming Galaxy S10.

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