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Brent Scott

Brent, a Bachelor of Commerce degree holder from a reputed university, has completed his 10 Years experience in the economics and banking news publications. He is currently on the verge of carving out his name in the Media Industry News firm. He also excels in penciling down articles related to science, region-specific, and technology news as well. Currently, the year’s of immense editorial knowledge gain is something Brent plans to use to focus on the business sector.

 Phone No :- +1 317-588-9128

 Email Id :- [email protected]

Lorrie McCormick

Lorrie has been with the Media Industry News organization for about 5 Years which gives the knowledge to be a rapacious author for more skill gain. This full-fledged writer provides the social media with the finest of the articles with no mindboggling terminologies and only keeping it plain and simple. She provides the health-related information with great perfection. The business, national, and international section are taken care of in a professional manner with the help of the gained experiences.

Phone No :- +1 317-591-4773

Email Id :- [email protected]

Joseph Correa

Joseph after the completion of his Engineering course has completely spent the rest of the 8 Years in the field of content writing. The keen interest in reading books regarding the industrial advancements and technological innovations has been the seeds responsible in ripening the editorial skill in him. His articles are a mere portrait of excellent vocabulary. The numerous industrial verticals written for the Media Industry News organization proves his skillful performance and is the reason for her being given the “Best Performer of the Year” award

 Phone No :- +1 317-917-6681

 Email Id :- [email protected]

Susie Whitehead

Susie after the completion of her Master’s in Biotechnology has been pursuing her dream of becoming a freelancer which no doubted proves her skill through the gluttonous scientific knowledge. Her excellence in writing has made up for the low experience in the editing sector. A remarkable amount of knowledge along with the intellectual personality has made the voracious stringer put forth eccentric reports for her publications. Media Industry News considers her to be a very vital part of their organization owing to more of her articles preference by the readers.

 Phone No :- +1 317-410-5116

 Email Id :- [email protected]

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Brent Scott :- [email protected] |  +1 317-588-9128

Lorrie McCormick :- [email protected]om | +1 317-591-4773

Joseph Correa :-  [email protected] | +1 317-917-6681

Susie Whitehead :-  [email protected]+1 317-410-5116

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